"The World's Greatest Rock n Roll Fiddler"


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"Randy Crouch sets his fiddle on fire as he plays lightning fast accompaniments and solos. His bowing is so powerful that the poor bow string hairs break as he plays... Randy took this rare occasion, put down his fiddle, and sang some good Oklahoma protests songs for us while playing his acoustic guitar." -JustProgress.org

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"Red Dirt master Randy Crouch" -the Tulsa World

"Randy Crouch is my brother. He's my twin of a different mom" -Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon

"If you've never heard Randy Crouch play, you haven't lived. The multi-instrument virtuoso must be heard to be believed...." -The Muskogee Phoenix

"Crouch, often referred to as the 'World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Fiddle Player,' is a groundbreaker on the Red Dirt music scene. Best known for his incredible fiddle playing, he also plays guitar, pedal steel, piano, and a mean slide mandolin. As if his exceptional musicianship wasn’t enough, Crouch is also a talented singer and songwriter." -The Telluride Watch

"Randy Crouch is no slouch. The front man for Flying Horse is considered a ground-breaker on the Red Dirt music scene..." -The Oklahoma City Oklahoman

"The unforgettable psychedelic fiddle player, Randy Crouch..." -Urban Tulsa

"He is master of more instruments than most people could ever dream of even being good at... If guitar was his only instrument, he would be regarded as a legend. But Crouch is more known as the best rock and roll fiddle player in the world...." -The Muskogee Phoenix

"When Crouch took his first solo the rolling waters turned to rapids. He shredded through song after song stopping only to swill and change strings" -Jambands.com

"The renowned Randy Crouch hails from Tahlequah, of course, and is known with the regional musical circles as a little man with giant talent. He's been called "Hendrix on the fiddle" as he burns up the bow on track after colorful track, pedaling away with his bare feet and beard." -The Current, Northeastern Oklahoma

"Randy Crouch, from near Tahlequah, Ok, often called the "Hillbilly Hendrix...." -America Unleashed Radio Network

As Crouch says in one of his songs, "…we'll play on any planet, no matter how near or far, as long as we get free drinks at the bar…" -Brad Piccolo of the Red Dirt Rangers interviewed on the "Folk Salad" show - 89.5 FM KWGS Tulsa Radio

"Tulsa wildman/multi-instrumentalist Randy Crouch used to say about halfway through the first set at a rowdy bar: 'Is it too loud enough yet?'" -Arkansas Jazz Heritage Foundation's Lee Tomboulian

"...fiddle and steel guitar virtuoso Randy Crouch brings his band's grooving Red Dirt flair... his music is electrifying, Crouch can get you grooving...." -The Muskogee Phoenix

"Randy Crouch has always been the most cosmically in tune player I ever played with." -Scott Evans of Medicine Show

"We wouldn't be playing music if it wasn't for Randy Crouch. Randy taught us to play, and he was very patient with us." -Bonnie Payne of My-Tea Kind 2006 Wakarusa Festival Battlerusa/Best New Band

"Meeting and performing with artists who had 'made it,' helps the band develop its own style. Performing with local legend Randy Crouch hasn't hurt either. 'It's good to see someone like that on stage. He brings a vibe that's really good,' Fitch said. "I guess you have to be a musician to understand that." -Mukogee Phoenix reporter Jane Wilson interviewing BADWATER drummer Michael Fitch

"...the incomparable Randy Crouch...." -The Tulsa World

"...a tight set of down-home Texas hillbilly-infused rock. Joined by the fiddle legend Randy Crouch...." -Relix.com Feb. 2006