Randy Crouch is often called the "World's Greatest" rock n roll Fiddler, but his talent exceeds even that superlative description. Randy Crouch is one of the pioneers of the Red Dirt movement of Alternative Country and his influence extends deep into Oklahoma music of all types, including Folk, Bluegrass, Blues & JamBands. As one of the early founders of Red Dirt, Randy was first packing bars like Cain's Ballroom more than 20 years ago during the later years of music movement called "The Tulsa Sound." More recently some music followers may know Randy as a member of the Red Dirt Rangers, and many others have discovered Randy through his association with ever newer Red Dirt acts like Jason Boland & the Stragglers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, South 40 and Badwater. For many other fans seeing Randy Crouch was a annual feature of visits to the pickin' parties of the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival. And as a member of the Free Folk Festival house band Randy has helped keep alive the spirit of Woody Guthrie, the original Red Dirt musician. Other fans have come to know Randy's music through "Jam bands" like My-Tea Kind or the Vince Herman Trio. However they find him, for many it is as a fiddler that Randy has become famous. Yet Crouch is above all, a remarkable songwriter and lyricist. And his multi-instrumental talent extends to guitars of all types, including pedal steel and Dobro. Randy is also adept at Bass, Banjo, and Mandolin, as well as Piano and Keyboards of all types. He's even been known to pick up the Trombone. Randy's skill is such that he is known to rub one instrument upon another... Such as rubbing fiddle upon guitar or guitar upon pedal steel. The resulting harmony of feedback is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix or early Grateful Dead, but it's also uniquely Randy Crouch. What distinguishes Crouch most of all is the distinctive tone of his playing. Whatever the genre, whatever the instrument, Randy Crouch owns the music and makes it his. All the genre hopping thwarts any attempt at labeling the Crouch sound. Any blues fan will recognize serious blues chops when they experience the slide guitar-work on Randy Crouch songs like "Ain't No Justice" but when he's off playing jazzy fiddle for the next tune it's hard to categorize Randy Crouch music as anything but just Randy Crouch music. Randy has won countless votes and contests including Winner: Payne County Line Oklahoma Music Awards: 2004 Fiddler Of The Year, 2005 Red Dirt Hall of Fame, and 2006 Steel Guitarist Of The Year.

Just in recent years Randy has been nominated for over twenty Oklahoma state music awards including:
  • 2005 Oklahoma Musicians Hall of Fame
  • 2005 Entertainer Of The Year
  • 2005 Singer/Songwriter Of The Year
  • 2005 Steel Guitarist Of The Year
  • 2005 Violinist Of The Year
  • 2005 Red Dirt Band Of The Year
  • 2005 Blues Artist/Band Of The Year
  • 2006 Male Vocalist Of The Year
  • 2006 Entertainer Of The Year
  • 2006 Violin Player Of The Year
  • 2006 Red Dirt Rock Band Of The Year
  • 2006 Red Dirt Band of the Year
  • 2006 Oklahoma Musicians/Artists Hall of Fame
  • 2007 Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, Artist
  • 2007 Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, Blues
  • 2007 Steel Guitarist Of The Year
  • 2007 Violin Player Of The Year
  • 2007 All Instruments Player Of The Year

In 2009, Randy released a new album, "Just a Few More Things", featuring Straggler Grant Tracy on bass, Straggler Brad Rice on drums, with appearances by Thomas Trapp on guitar and Doug Moreland on fiddle.

He's reformed his own band, Flying Horse. And he is re-issuing his thirty year back catalog on Compact Disc. Stay tuned for lots of exciting developments, announcements and projects in Randy Crouch's near future.