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About Randy Crouch

Randy Crouch Plays the Fiddle Photo by Rick Priest

Randy Crouch is a Red Dirt Country Legend. He’s been called the “World’s Greatest rock n roll fiddler.” Yet his vast talents extend into other instruments and of course, his prolific songwriting. Randy Crouch helped pioneer the Red Dirt Country music movement with friends like Bob Childers and Tom Skinner. Today many of his songs have become Red Dirt Country Standards in the industry. Many Red Dirt Country artists like Cody Canada and Jason Boland regularly include his music in their concerts and albums. They consider Randy and inspiration in their musical careers. Music fans also know Randy as the long time fiddler of another long running regional band, the Red Dirt Rangers. Randy has an extensive back catalog including several albums issued in recent years. Come join us. This website is a celebration of Randy’s life lived the way he wants! Also, be sure to visit Randy’s Fan Page on Facebook.

These days, Randy Crouch continues to play with the Flying Horse Band, but more often then not, he performs with the Red Dirt Rangers, an Oklahoma Hall of Fame band. Indeed he usually has a number of upcoming events so keep an eye out for fun opportunities to catch this most excellent act!

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Randy Crouch is an amazing and prolific song writer. He is both inventive and imaginative so there is little wonder that his music often finds it’s way onto the albums and playlists of other artists. Yet one can only experience this sonic fine art in all it’s glory, and the way that it was meant to be played by listening to his own renditions of his work. Here, we have the most extensive collection of Randy’s work anywhere on the internet. However, there is also a growing list of other sites where one may purchase albums and singles by Randy Crouch.

We have a growing list of albums and singles on a number of streaming sites. Both the amount of music and the number of sites are expanding so be sure to check back here for additional services. Currently the sites where you can listen for free, or for a monthly fee include the following:

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Randy’s Life in Photos

As part of our effort to celebrate the life of Randy Crouch, who recently turned 66, we have just about 66 years of photos, along with memorabilia, band and album artwork, newspaper clippings and much more. This is a very extensive collection of Randy’s photos but also provides in depth coverage of a life well lived.

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