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What's Goin On? Album Cover by Randy Crouch
Artist: Randy Crouch
Traveling On by Randy Crouch: All rights reserved. Published 2003 by Random Choice Music (BMI).
Words and Music © 2003, Randy Crouch
Randy Crouch:Guitars, Fiddle, Mandolin, Bass, Pedal Steel, Piano and Vocals.
Lisa Perry: Harmony Vocals, Peruvian Goat Toenails. Billy Dennison: Harmonica. Travis Downs:
Dobro. Stevie Lee Fields: Juice Harp. Jimmy Sutter: Guitar, Bass. Jim Perry: Tabla, Drums and Percussion. Kevin Perry: Timpani and Bell Chimes. Additional vocals by Owen Lynn, Liz Crouch, Julie Stagner, Hank Chitty and everyone present.
Co-produced by Hank Chitty, Laile Stanger and Liz Crouch. Recorded by Bob Dorman, Shady Oak Recording Studio, Arkansas City, KS and Jim Perry, Angel Rose Music, Leesburg, FL. Re-mixed and re-mastered by Jim and Lisa Perry. Photography and Design by Jim Perry.Flying Horse Ranch, P.O. Box 123, Moodys, Oklahoma 74444