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Randy Crouch and the Great Prisoner Capture
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We can’t avoid telling a few stories about Randy’s Youth and there are going to be more of these. There is an element of bravery we see in Randy Crouch and it manifested itself in him at an early age. When Randy was in first grade, he and his parents, Lee and Ruth, traveled to Colorado on vacation and attended one of those mystery plays. We don’t know the full story behind the play but it had to do with a prison escape and the actors looking for the escaped prisoner. Low and behold, in walks the prisoner from the back of the room headed for the stage. Of course at this young age Randy didn’t get exactly that this was a play, so as the actor playing the prisoner walked by Randy’s table, he grabbed him by the leg and held on for dear life, shouting for his father to help him repeatedly. Of course his father was in stitches barely able to contain himself and no help to Randy at all, while the young actor repeatedly tried to move on, yelling let me go kid, while the audience fell out of their chairs with laughter!

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